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As a Speech Language Pathologist I have enjoyed a long and satisfying career. My husband, Doug, has been in the Property Management business for years. Several years ago we watched some of our savings disappear. It was a sad time, especially with our daughter moving toward high school graduation and college bound.

Fast forward to the day we found our second income solution! It is a new day for us now! We are on our way to a better financial situation than we had imagined before the loss. We probably would not have looked for a second income if not for losing money. We have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Could it be that the loss that motivated us to seek a second income solution was a blessing in disguise?

We are on our way to being debt free and making up for some unwise financial decisions made long ago, redeeming the time! This is a gift we never expected. We are scheduling consistent time around our schedule each week. We feel free now to set our goals higher than ever before because we know we can achieve them. We are thankful for our amazing support team and truly helpful training which makes all the difference from any other opportunity out there.

Our mission is to help others achieve their goals as well. Join us!


Regina Shepherd, M.S.CCC/SLP

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