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Jim & Lucy Witmer


I have always loved helping people. So when my daughter was diagnosed with learning disabilities, I felt I had to leave my full time teaching job in order to “help” her at home.

Our income was cut in half and we worried and stressed every month. How could we afford our life? I looked at several different businesses that required an investment and monthly inventory, and they all looked like a money pit to me. A woman called me to tell me about Second Income Solution. I was immediately intrigued. She actually showed me how I could replace my teaching income working about 20 hours per week from home.

I started very quickly and learned the simple, duplicable system. I replaced my teaching income in the first 60 days, and I got to attend every event in my children’s lives.

I remember advancing to my first leadership level and my check for one month’s work was for over $10,000.

Let me show you how it’s done. I love to give back by helping others. If you want out of the rat race or just an additional pay check, you are in the right place.

Jim & Lucy Witmer

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