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After 30 years of service in the Los Angeles City fire department, I retired and was looking forward to the lifestyle we assumed my retirement pension would provide.
My wife is an Orthopedic Massage Therapist and Doctor of Chiropractic. We both work many hours a week supporting a thriving practice. We are incredibly busy. As we were aging, we clearly realized that we wouldn’t be able to keep up the kind of pace we were experiencing.

Though we both come from a traditional American background of hard work, the economy has taken its toll on our plans, and we realized that financially being able to completely retire wasn’t turning out the way we had projected. We didn’t have the time to pursue many of the things we wanted to do. We knew we needed a new plan if we wanted to retire and have a more fulfilling lifestyle.

One of our clients shared a unique business concept with us and as business minded people, we immediately saw how it would benefit our lives. It fit our values and at the same time produced significant income.

We immediately made a decision to change our lives and have not looked back! Our new additional income is growing month by month and we see an incredible future opening up for us!




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