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Before my friend introduced me to Second Income Solutions, I was feeling hopeless with over $25,000 in credit card debt from a MLM business that had bottomed out. I was working long hours down at the local school as a part-time cook and being a dairy farmer's wife and mom to 4 boys. I was so stressed out with no extra money coming in to barely pay the bills that had to be paid, let alone to take a chunk out of the credit card debt. I just had no joy in my life whatsoever.

I was just blown away by the simple business concept of what Second Income Solutions had to offer after viewing an overview. When I put the plan into action that they showed on the overview, I was able to get the extra money to pay off my $25,000 in credit card debt, which took the stress off my husband and me. Which put the joy and smile back on my face, the faces of my children, and husband because MAMA was HAPPY!!!, Of course as the old saying goes, "If Mama is happy, Everyone is happy"!

Just a couple of fun things we have been able to do is a major remodeling project for our house. I finally have the kitchen of my dreams! I have been able to help my 3 sons with college expenses so that one of them could study abroad for 5 months in Fiji for one semester. I have been able to help fund a mission trip to Haiti. With the skills that I have learned with this company, I have been able to help other women get out of debt and build a financial future for their families and that is the true joy that I get out of this business helping others achieve their dreams and goals!!!


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