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I lost EVERYTHING I had built in the construction industry when the economy CRASHED a few years ago.

I was a fifth generation contractor for 40 years. My Wife, Cathy was a nurse by education. I built over 2,000 homes in the California area over a 24 year span. We were making great money and life was good; But I had no "Plan B" because I didn't think I needed one. My Dad was a contractor, so was his Dad, and so on.

When the Recession hit in 2008, the banks started taking back everything we owned. We were left with nothing. We lost our home, our cars, everything. We had to do something! we started many home based businesses, but they were in multi level marketing. We lost a lot of money, and ended up with a bunch of useless inventory we couldn't get rid of.

I prayed to God for a way I could regain everything I lost. Then we found Second Income Solution.......a brilliant income concept that just makes sense NOT an MLM!

Now we are gaining back everything we lost and more, and helping others at the same time! We are so thankful!

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