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I’m achieving my dreams, what about you?

 Climbed Machu Picchu in Peru

√  Paid off credit cards, cars, and all debt

√  Paid off our home

√  Funded a comfortable retirement plan

√  Took the kids to great museums and wonders of the world

Flashback: What was I going to do?

A few years ago, my husband bought a business to give our family a better life, but the grim reality turned out to be very little income for 3 years. With a family of 5 children, this left me very fearful and wondering how I would be able to be sure my children would have the kind of life I wanted for them. How in the world could I help out financially?? As a homemaker, I had never worked outside the home, had no career, resume, or college degree. I didn’t believe I could even be hired as an all-night clerk at the convenience store!

I looked into many different ideas, even multi-level marketing. What I found there was that a very few people made money, and the majority ended up in debt trying to sell over-priced goods. Most required an investment and carried financial risk.

All in all, I actually investigated over 30 companies, concepts, and even franchises looking for something that would meet my needs.

When I found Second Income Solution, I realized I had found something with integrity that matched my values!  I didn’t have to sell things, collect money, or be bogged down with bookkeeping.

I can work anywhere with my laptop and cell phone, and have even worked from a sidewalk cafe in Paris. Not being tied down allows travel and I enjoy a lot of flexibility in my life.

The additional income allowed us to become debt free: no credit cards, no car payments, and I even paid off our home. It has also produced over $60,000 to directly fund ministries and non profits. This brings real peace of mind!

But, the most satisfying thing of all is helping others do the same!

Because of the simplicity, anyone looking for financial freedom, who is committed to helping others, is goal oriented and willing to do the work, can get started and develop income right away.

Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you. I am looking forward to meeting you!



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